Meg Ryan: She’s Had ‘Too Much’ Done To Her Face, Doctor Says — Botox, Fillers & More

Yikes! After Meg Ryan revealed a significant new look on June 12 at the Tony Honors, an expert cosmetic surgeon informed EXCLUSIVELY that she s likely had a great deal of work done, and also in his viewpoint it s way too much! See what he had to state, right here!

Meg Ryan, 54, was looking drastically different at the Tony Awards on June 12, so we talked with cosmetic surgeon Mark Yousseffrom Younique Cosmetic Surgery to get his professional viewpoint on what Meg may have done to her face. See why he informed SPECIFICALLY that she s had too much job done, below!

While we can t confirm whether or not Meg has had cosmetic surgery, Mark is extremely confident that she has actually, based upon his professional viewpoint. I believe she looked far better before this job, he told SOLELY. She might have done way too much. I think that s why individuals are a little shocked since she doesn t appear like the Meg Ryan that we all love. So

, what does Mark think Meg changed? The most evident point that she s had actually done is some sort of filler or fat transfer to her cheek, he claimed. It s absolutely way too much due to the fact that the apple of her cheek is as well full as well as too large. When she grins, every one of that filler moves up as well as makes her eyes look smaller sized. The reason she looks manly is due to the placement of the volume in her cheeks. The volume of the filler must have been put more side to side to offer her a softer appearance. Cheeks

aren t the only thing Mark believes Meg had worked on. The pointer of her nose is narrower than before, he proceeded. The suggestion looks more squeezed, so it s really possible that she had some kind of rhinoplasty. There s absolutely volume in her lips too, and Botox on her temple. She s had excessive Botox in the forehead, and also because of this the eyes look smaller sized due to the fact that it drops the placement of the eyebrow. Celebrity Transformations: See Meg Ryan, Kim Kardashian & & Even More Significant Modifications

The surgical procedure that most drastically alters the shape of the face is a face lift, Mark explained to us. It resembles Meg Ryan might have had one. It s feasible since the shape of her face has actually transformed so much. The texture of her face additionally looks various. It appears like she could have had some type of laser skin resurfacing treatment.

He stresses that addiction might be the root of Meg s major change. Cosmetic surgery addiction is an extremely genuine thing. It s the endless wish to change your photo, he explained. As well as where does this fascination originated from? It s basically a sadness with your image. It comes from the root of being dissatisfied with on your own on the within. You think the surgical procedure is going to address the issue yet it doesn t since it s more of a psychological distortion of your image. Enjoy Meg Ryan in the 90s classic You ve Got Mail right here on iTunes!

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