Elizabeth Hurley’s Son Damian, 17, Looks Exactly like Her In New Photo & Fans Can’t Believe It

Is that a young Elizabeth Hurley? Look once more! Her adolescent kid, Damian Hurley, posed shirtless in such a ‘sensational’ means, followers believed he was a clone of his mom!

“It’s creepy season,” Damian Hurley, the 17-year-old son of Elizabeth Hurley, 54, captioned an Oct. 1 Instagram picture. In the photo, Damian did his ideal to be “spooky,” however it came off much more “attractive.” (Spexy? Sekky?) With a shadowy woodland behind him, Damian positioned shirtless, a crucifix slung around his neck. His long hair draped his face as if he was removed of the pages of an enchanting vampire book. Overall, it was a hot picture, and followers were surprised … at how much he looked like his mother!

“@damianhurley1 you appear like a male variation of @elizabethhurley1” “Okay wowowoowowow !!” “That is a magnificent image!!!” “B E A U T I F U L” “genes are an impressive point! you’re a gorgeous young boy and also you look similar to your mommy. WOW.” “Wow so stunning” “terrific picture Damian god you look so like your mum that’s a compliment incidentally have a great day friend.” The majority of the followers were free, yet some were instead parched (to place it lightly.) One Instagram customer claimed the “creepy season” aka a real horror program was taking place in the comments area. “A few of these comments are definitely dreadful.”

This is far from the first time that Damian left fans seeing double. In July, he landed a significant modeling gig for Pat McGrath Labs. In the “sublime: perfection: The System Skinterviews,” Damian looked precisely like Elizabeth at the start of her occupation. His piercing eyes, divine bone framework, and undeniable self-confidence made him a dead ringer for the Bedazzled celebrity. Likewise in July, Damian used a security pin Versace clothing that paid homage to the outfit his mother used to the premiere of 1994’s Four Weddings and a Funeral. Seeing double, without a doubt!

While Elizabeth shares her genetics with Damian (his father being company Steve Bing), she might have also shared some modeling tricks. She made her debut for Estée Lauder in 1995 as well as still versions for the brand name. Oh, she likewise models for her very own swimsuit line, as apparent by the numerous jaw-dropping bikini selfies she publishes to Instagram.

On top of this, Damian is following his mom’s steps right into acting. He made his debut in 2016 on his mom’s program, The Royals. He played Hansel von Liechtenstein, the Crown Prince of Liechtenstein, on seasons three and also 4. Possibly if they reboot the Interview with a Vampire series, he could audition for the role of Lestat. Besides, it is creepy season.

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